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Phone card dialer app is 100% free calling cards dialer tool which automates dialing process and makes it easy for you to use your favorite calling card. The app allows you to create and store unlimited number of phone cards and make your international calls in a couple of taps.
No need to carry your phone card, remember access numbers or long pin codes and you can call directly from your contacts list or through apps dial pad.

  • 100% Free APPs and email customer support.
  • All types of phone cards supported with our simple customizable dialing sequence.
  • Configure and store unlimited number of phone cards with different access numbers so you are able to choose the phone card and combination that best suits your mobile plan.
  • Manage and dial directly from your contacts and with bonus features like favorites and recent calls it becomes even more easy to call your loved ones.
  • iOS: iPhone with OS 6.0 or later
  • Android: OS 2.3 or later
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